Sunday, January 3, 2010

Romantic Bloom Silk Ring Bearer Pillow with by RomancingJuliet

Romantic Bloom Silk Ring Bearer Pillow with by RomancingJuliet: "This pillow has been constructed using top quality bridal dupioni silk. It has been complimented with a champagne satin ribbon (although any color ribbon can be used) and topped with a rhinestone accented bloom. Champagne ring tie ribbons have been secured at the center of the rhinestone. Weddings are hard enough to plan! Let me take care of your ring bearer pillow!

Size: 8' x 8'

Material: Softest Finest Bridal Dupioni Silk

Silk Pillow Colors: Ivory, White, Red, Black, Candle, Silver

Ribbon Colors: Your Choice (SHOWN IN CHAMPAGNE)"

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  1. hello! I am interested in purchasing the Romantic Satin Ring Bearer Pillow...You Choose the Colors...Buy One Get One Half Off from Etsy. On their website it says you only have one available, we would like to purchase two. Please email me as soon as you have a chance cause I love these pillows! my email is thank you so much for your time