Monday, December 21, 2009

Simple GiftsJust Married Throw PillowsSet of 2 by RomancingJuliet

Simple GiftsJust Married Throw PillowsSet of 2 by RomancingJuliet: "Description
Are you unique gift for a newly married or soon to be married couple? These throw pillows are made using top quality felt with matching felt 'Just' 'Married' monograms! They measure 15' by 15' and come fully stuffed, you're NOT just getting a pillow cover like most listings.

They're shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 2 weeks of purchase. If you need them sooner just convo me!

These are available in many base pillow and 'monogram' colors.

Available Felt Colors: Red, Pale Pink, Yellow, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Purple, Tan, Walnut, Black, Silver, Gray, Ivory, White and Antique White."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monogrammed Scented Burlap SachetAvailable in by RomancingJuliet

Monogrammed Scented Burlap SachetAvailable in by RomancingJuliet: "If you're looking for a perfect little gift for your bridesmaids consider this burlap sachet! It measures 4' x 4' with satin ribbon accents and comes in many colors and scents! The monogram is made using top quality felt and is available in just about ANY color. The sachet is available in many scents as well! It's the perfect gift to customize for your bridesmaids or even to give as a welcome gift or favor!

Burlap Colors: Off White, Natural, Chocolate Brown, Hunter Green, Red and Black"

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cherry Blossoms Brocade Ring Bearer Pillow with by RomancingJuliet

Cherry Blossoms Brocade Ring Bearer Pillow with by RomancingJuliet: "One of my favorite things to do is browse the 'new arrivals' section each time I visit the fabrics store. I get so much enjoyment out of creating new things and dreaming up new designs to the often looked over art of wedding ring pillows.

This pillow measures 8' x 8' and is made of top quality heavy brocade, embroidered with delicate cherry blossom branches. The satin ribbon has been created to co-ordinate with the golden branches strewn across the pillow. The bow has been offset in the signature RomancingJuliet style."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ivory Faux Fur Stole Shoulder WrapVery SOFT and by RomancingJuliet

Ivory Faux Fur Stole Shoulder WrapVery SOFT and by RomancingJuliet: "This stole is made of the softest faux mink. It's actually more of a micro fleece feel but has the minky look! It's made using two layers of material and lined with THICK batting for EXTRA warmth. It's great for brides, bridesmaids, proms or just a night out on the town.

Both sides of this stole are furry with a 1/4' pile on one side and 1/8' pile on the other.."

Warm Candle Ivory Raw Dupioni Silk Shoulder by RomancingJuliet

Warm Candle Ivory Raw Dupioni Silk Shoulder by RomancingJuliet: "This shoulder wrap is classically simple. It measures 17' wide. Each wrap is custom made to measure to fit PERFECTLY around your shoulders! It's made using 100% Raw Dupioni Silk and shown in the color Candle Ivory. It is fully lined with matching apparel fabric, but, could be lined with micro fleece if you prefer for extra warmth!

It comes closed (as seen) and fits over your head and sits on your shoulders."

French Burlap Bolero Fully Lined With Ivory or by RomancingJuliet

French Burlap Bolero Fully Lined With Ivory or by RomancingJuliet: This Burlap Bolero is made of TOP quality french burlap. This bolero is fully lined with your choice of ivory or white Sweetheart Satin so its NOT ITCHY. It features two handmade satin roses to add to the romantic yet rustic feel. It's great for you and your bridesmaids! It's also a fantastic piece for a night on the town!

Fantastic for your earthy or rustic themed wedding!

Instead of Rice Ribbon SticksYou Choose the by RomancingJuliet

Instead of Rice Ribbon SticksYou Choose the by RomancingJuliet: Can't throw rice at your wedding?

How about having your guests wave these ribbons sticks instead! They're fun and whimisical. The best part? They're fully customizeable to your wedding color needs!

Each stick measures 12' long and is available in ANY COLOR.

Ribbons hang 18'-20'"

Custom Colors Wedding Card Box Bird CagePainted by RomancingJuliet

Custom Colors Wedding Card Box Bird CagePainted by RomancingJuliet:

Alot of brides contact me wanting new and unique items for their wedddings. One of the hottest trends today in weddings is "rustic". Many brides are tossing out their satin or silk ring bearer pillows in exchange burlap pillows or even decorated birds nests!

The fun thing about this bird cage is that it fits the "rustic" theme but still retains the formal nature of your ceremont. The top of the cage is on a hinge and lifts up for guests to put their cards in!

This cage is available in all colors. If you're intrested visit RomancingJuliet Bridal and browse around!

Romance Inspired Hand Beaded Peacock Feather by RomancingJuliet

Romance Inspired Hand Beaded Peacock Feather by RomancingJuliet: "I think the most creative ideas an artist has is by accident or consequence! This pillow is made using bridal quaility Dupioni Silk. It has been carefully and painfully hand beaded using imported glass beads to create the romantic peacock feather. The feather has been complimented with an offset double faced satin bow with co-ordinating ring tie ribbons.

The peacock feather is shown using clear, dusty rose, and eggplant beads in ivory Dupioni Silk and an Eggplant Bow.

This item is ready to ship. But, if you'd like the pillow in white, or the feather beaded in other colors or you want a different colored satin bow convo me and I'll set up a special listing for you in just he colors you choose!"

Cherries on Top Ring Bearer Pillow by RomancingJuliet on Etsy

Cherries on Top Ring Bearer Pillow by RomancingJuliet on Etsy: "This pillow was created for my friends wedding. She was having a rockabilly themed wedding and wanted a pillow to accomadate the ceremony.

This pillow is 8' by 8' and is made using heavy cotton cherry printed material. The main red ribbon is imported satin and the ring tie ribbons were made 'stem' green to match the cherries."

Lavender and Lilac Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow by RomancingJuliet

Lavender and Lilac Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow by RomancingJuliet: "Creating something new for me is always a suprise. I usually sit at my sewing table with 'ingredients' strewn about and begin. The end result is always something fun and exciting!

This new pillow is 8' x 8' and is made using top quality Lavender Dupioni Silk. It has been layered with imported satin Lilac ribbon with Amethyst ring tie ribbons. The pillow is 'topped' with a lovely little find from the local thrift store. This is a vintage filagree brooch that has been cleaned and attached to complete this pillow.

IT IS DETACHABLE if you'd wish to use it as a gift to a mother of the bride/groom! Or, simply keep it for yourself as a reminder of this wonderful day!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Finds Friday on Etsy

Top 2 Items Today found using the term "fun" in Etsy :-)

This Lovely 10 Piece Party Set is by PartyPoms.

Available at maddyandme on Etsy. This is a "bird nesting kit" and would make a GREAT wedding favor!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Inspired by Art

I think the most creative ideas an artist has is by accident or consequence! While surfing the web recently I can across an article on peacock's. About that same time I was discussing pillow options with a bride for her upcoming wedding. You see, she was looking for something very unique and, ofcourse, in her wedding colors.

Back to the article on peacocks. It was talking about how peacock themed items were the up and coming HOT wedding trend. After going back and forth with Sarah we decided on this hand beaded peacock feathered ring pillow.

It took almost 20 hours to make and is set in Raw Dupioni Silk. The final touch was an eggplant bow offset, with co-ordinating ring tie ribbons. This is not the pillow for the budget bride, but it is the pillow for the dreamer bride.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Deep Egglant Purple Bird Cage Style Wedding Card Box

Deep Eggplant Purple Bird Cage Style Wedding Bird Cage Box (Available in ANY Color)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Custom Colors Wedding Card Box Bird Cage

From RomancingJuliet Bridal:

Custom Colors Wedding Card Box Bird Cage...Available in MANY colors..Shown in Tiffany Blue and Ivory..

54.00 USD

Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Double Bow Damask Ring Bearer Pillow

From RomancingJuliet Bridal:

On the "Double Bow" Black and Ivory Damask Ring Bearer Pillow! You Choose the Ribbon Colors! Only 32.50! Matching Basket Available!!

Lovely Damask 3 Piece Unity Candle Set

From RomancingJuliet Bridal:

3 Piece Damask Unity Candle Set with Customizeable Ribbon Colors only $45.00!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gothic Victorian Inspired Ivory Silk Shoulder Wrap

From RomancingJuliet Bridal : Ivory Colored Gothic Victorian Inspired Shoulder Wrap in RAW Dupioni Silk!! Buy Here!

Chocolate Brown with Burnt Orange Satin Ribbons Ring Bearer Pillow

New From RomancingJuliet Bridal: A top quality ring bearer pillow made of 100% bridal satin in chocolate brown with burnt orange satin ties! Buy Here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sew-A-Holic Coupon

I wanted to make sure everyone was able to take advantage of the GREAT sale Joann Fabrics is having. I wanted to here' a set of free printable coupons for their coupon commotion week!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I wanted to give a special shout out to Venetia Jewelry for featuring one of my ring bearer pillows! You can read the full article here.

You can also visit Venetia Jewelry's blog here.

Check out her new post of DIY t-shirts!

While We're Talking Rustic Themed Weddings...

While we we're talking rustic themed weddings I wanted to clue you all in on another new item I've been working on for you shop. Its a burlap ring pillow for natural themed weddings! Its made using 100% eco friendly burlap and is wrapped using natural jute! Im encouraged that it will do well because so far I've sold two! I've never seen anything like it on the web..Take a look and click the photo to see the listing!

It also has a matching basket. Visit my store or look at the bottom of the blog for my listings!

The Storque

I wanted to say a special thank you to The Storque on Etsy for featuring my Rustic Birds Nest Cake topper. The article is based on "fruitful vows" and features many beautiful creations by Etsy artist for fall weddings.

This item can be found here for purchase!

Upcycled Silk.

I wanted to share with everyone one of my latest creations. I purchase a 100% silk blouse from the thrift store, had it dry cleaned and turned it to this.

I lined the pillow with flannel to make it more sturdy, but still soft. This pillow is available for purchase at my store. JUST CLICK THE PHOTO..and it's currently on sale!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Wraps!

Sales are going good at Romancing Juliet Bridal ! It's very exciting to see the business began to expand! We've recently added a new artist "Primrose Proposal" to our line! Go here to view her line of guestbooks, bouquets and more!

As each new order comes in and each is filled I can't help but picture the "little guy" walking down the aisle with my pillows! I hope to help each and every one of my readers achieve their PERFECT wedding!

BONUS... Printable 40% Off Joann's Coupon Expires 9/6/2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

..Continuing RomancingJuliet Rustic Collection..

Keeping with my current rustic themed collection this is my newest creation. A REAL preserved sheet moss covered wedding card box! Each corner pillar also has twigs tied with natrual twine!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Natural Rustic Wedding

I'm working on a line of natural wedding accesories. My most popular recent item is my birds nest ring bearer pillow alternative...I was inspired at about hmmmm 12.3

0 am last night to creat this rustic wedding cake topper set. The nest fits on the top of the cake and can be customized with colored ribbon. A veil can also me added to the female bird!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry For The Delay

Sorry for the delay on postings in the past week. I spent 7 foggy days in coastal Maine! It was absolutely beautiful!

I took in alot of things I had never seen before and gained some inspiration for future pieces. I'd like to, by spring, bring out a collection of wedding accesories with a nautical flair!

Who might be carrying a captains wheel down the aisle with rings tied to it.....One never knows :-) ...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New R.J. Collection..Romantic Wraps


This delicate little wrap is constructed using fine Dupioni Silk, or Shatung. I was inspired while creating it by the Victorian Era.

The rosettes are each hand cut from dupioni silk and tulle. The flower centers are a focal point of the piece. The faux crystal adds romance to the whole piece.

It can be worn tied around your back, or, the satin ties can also be wrapped around the front to create a new couture look!

At $55.00 and $4.95 Shipping its a steal for ANY Special event and can be made in virtually ANY color.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bridesmaids Jewelry

Whether your having your bridesmaids purchase their own, or, opting to make that their gift. Etsy can be the perfect place to go. I perused some shops for all you brides out there and found my top favorites for unique and timeless:

This piece is by Morado On Etsy. She call's it her Sunflower Rose Pendant. This piece would spice up a winter wedding or look absolutely perfect in a spring to summer wedding. Your bridesmaid or even yourself is sure to turn heads in this wonderful piece!

This piece is also by Morado. These pendants are handmade using polymer clay. This look is TIMELESS. Great job Morado!

This piece is by JPartsncrafts on Etsy. Timeless! It's imperfections makes them perfect! What a steal at 16.50!

This White fresh water pearl with Bali cap pendant and chain is handmade by SouthPawStudios, as always, on Etsy. 29.5o

These Dahlia earrings are handmade by madebymoe on Etsy. These earrings are absolutely lovely They would be fantastic to compliment your simple wedding gown or a wonderful addtion to your scarlett bridesmaids gown. 24.00

This Glamourous Rose Piece is breathtaking. Im in love. Enough Said. Oh yeah :-) You can buy it from luxedelux. 58.00

This piece is called an Organza Flower and Quartz Lariat Necklace. It wins my blogspot best buy on the day. It can be found at Segparker on Etsy. This piece really puts me into mind of Carrie Bradshaw!

These pieces are fantastic and I wanted to show my love and support for all things having to do with weddings! Good luck fellow Etsy sellers and future brides! Buy soon, buy early and but ETSY!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SimonG Jewelry

Going into marriage with the option in your mind that if it doesn't work out you can walk away is, in my opinion, a huge problem in today's society.

I run a store on Etsy called RomancingJuliet. RomancingJuliet is dedicated to selling wedding accessories. In order to keep "up to date" on the recent and coming trends I read "Modern Bride". Last week I was at the store and picked up the August/September issue and was dog earring pages on color combinations I liked and the newest style veils when I came across this ad for SimonG Jewelry.

The SimonG Jewelry ad shows a picture of this engagement ring and has a note hanging from the ring that says " Virtually Eliminates Cheating, Since You'll Never Want To Take It Off". It caught me off guard when I read it and actually made me sit back and think to myself "what is marriage today". It would make you think that today's "modern bride" is already subconsciously giving themselves the option to cheat on their husbands.

When has this become okay? Marriage is a union that bonds one person to another, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do they part. Or, at least, it used to be that. Unfortunately today that seems like "a lot of pretty words" but the people saying them either don't understand what they're saying, or don't care.

I believe marriage is a good thing for society. You can't go into it looking for an out as this ad for SimonG jewelry would insinuate. There are going to be tough times and theres going to be good times, if you can tough out the bad it will make the good that much better.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I dream(pt) in Micro Suede

My latest creation was in reply to the Etsy Chatters Team fall promotion. I created a micro suede ring bearer pillow! I found the fabric in the upholstery section of the fabric store and it was so heavy weight and luxurious! I was brainstorming for fall brides and trying to come up with new ideas. I know if my wedding was in the fall and winter I would like my accesories to reflect that. The weight and texture of the micro suede just screams cool fall nights!
This pillow is everything you want a fall wedding to be!

Let's Go Etsy Chatters Team!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Arras Coin Pillow

I recently recieved a request to make whats called a "Arras Coin Pillow". I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what this was so I googled it. I found a photo of an example pillow very quickly and knew I could make it so I took the order.
Whenever I get a request like this one I like do a little research, learn a bit about it and share what I've learned with brides everywhere:

Arras means 13 Gold Coins. These 13 coins are meant to represent Christ and his 12 apostles. (13-Judas-12). The Arras coins are given to the bride by the groom as a symbol of trust and confidence. By doing this the groom pledges to be a good provider and person of support. By the bride accepting the Arras coins the bride shows her trust and confidence in her prospective husband. Usually, as tradition states, these coins become a family heirloom.

This tradition I have found is more profound in the latin world.

If you'd like an Arras Coin pillow of your own let me know.

-x0x0 R.J.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Were You Up To Today!

Today's project was a pair of rustic kissing balls . I purchased the kissing balls second hand so they're completely upcycled! Go Earth! Inside of each is bits of preserved sheet moss and they're completed with flickering battery operated tea lights!

They're a wonderful addition to any outdoor ceremony. My vision is to have them carried in a wedding by a flower girl!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Follow me and automatically be entered to win 2 ring bearer pillows and 2 flower girl baskets for your wedding. These will be customized in any color your wish! The contest is opened up to my first 100 Followers and the winner will be chosen at random!

My Latest Creation..

Brooke From San Diego is getting married next week and she requested to have ring bearer pillows made to match her gowns. The colors were to be raspberry and ivory and this is the beginning of the project (and the home of ALL my creations):

The final result was something so beautiful. the colors came together and I hope they'll create a wonderful buzz at Brooke's wedding.

Finely co-ordinated ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets can really bring alot to the color scheme of your wedding.

Friday, July 10, 2009

DIY Brides Make Your Own Wedding Cake

When I got married I saw a cake similar to this in a magazine and decided, being the bold bride to be I was, to try to make it myself. First I'll show you the finished product.

Later on I'll tell you how to make it! First tell me how much you think this would cost in stores!

F.Y.I. This is a GREAT project for you and your bridesmaids and the cake will keep 3 days out of the fridge because it's preserved by the fondant! USE ALL THE PRECAUTIONS YOU'D NORMALLY USE WHEN HANDLING FOOD. WASH YOUR HANDS AND DON'T CROSS CONTAMINATE!

This cake served 125 people! This is what you're going to need:

6-8 Boxes Of Your Favorite cake Mix ( I used Betty Crocker French Vanilla) $10.00

Pam Cooking Spray $3.00

A recipe for your Favorite Frosting ( I decided on Buttercream) $DEPENDS

-----You can purchase the frosting but I think homemade goes on so much easier!

A set of 3 Sizes of Round Baking Pans, 12", 10",8" (I purchased these at Joanns ) $15.00

6-8 12" Dowel Rods $2.00

Food Coloring $3.00

A 5lb Box of Ready To Use Wilton Rolled Fondant $22.00

1 15" Cardboard Cake Round (to support the bottom) $3.00

1 Fondant Rolling Pin $15.00

1/2" Pipe $UNKNOWN

1 needle

1 exacto knife $3.00

You're supplies could cost you approximately $80.00, but, you should have some of these things at home already!


**The first thing you want to do is follow the directions on your cake mix boxes. Pour the mix into your 12", 10" and 8" cake pans and follow the baking directions on your box. Remove from pans and place on cooling rack. You'll need to do this once more to get enough cake rounds to make 3 double layer cakes.

**While the cakes are baking this is the best time to mix your frosting. Follow the recipe of your choice and mix enough to cover (2) 12", 10" and 8" cake rounds. Also, while you're doing this it's time to roll out your fondant. You'll need to cut 3 circles 3-4 inches larger than the cake pan sizes out of the rolled fondant.

**Use the left over fondant to form the shapes you desire to decorate your wedding cake with. I turned the leftover fondant into a ball and used the green food coloring a few drops at a time and kneaded it until I reached the desired color of the pears. I did the same for the stems of the pears, the vines on the cake, and the center of the flowers, and the flowers using the appropriate food coloring. Once each of these colors have been formed start on your shapes.

**For the pears I worked them around in my hands until I got the shape I desired and set them aside. To get the vines I rolled them along a non-stick surface and set them aside. To make the flowers I used a small 1/2" pipe to cut out the circles and them used a needle to shape the curves in the flower and the petal marks. For the leaves I shaped these each uniquely and used the needle to trace the marks in the leaves.

**Finally each piece of the cake is ready to be assembled. Start at the bottom with the largest cake. Set the 12" cake on the 15" cardboard cake round. Ice with the frosting. Add the 2nd layer of 12" round cake and ice with the frosting. Now gently lay the largest fondant circle over the iced 2 layer cake. Smooth the top and drape over the sides until the bottom layer of the cake is fully covers. Use exacto knife to trim the excess. Repeat these steps for the 2nd layer. Once you get to the third layer stick the dowel rods around in a circle of the top of the cake BEFORE YOU PLACE THE FINAL LAYER OF FONDANT ON.

**Now the cake is fully assembled. It's now time to apply your decorations. The fondant creations should easily stick to the cake, BUT, if you are having an issue simply dip your fingers in water and this will create a little bit of sticky situations and the decorations should apply easier.

**You're done, step back and take a look at your BEAUTIFUL cake. You made it yourself! And it probably cost you 50-75 percent less than retail. Plus, you can tell everyone you made it yourself.


Does Your Car Smell

I have a handy trick I just figured out while vacumming out my car the other day. Air fresheners fade sooo fast. Stick fabric softner sheets under the seats and smell the freshness last!! Especially in the heat!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael's Vs. Joann's

Michaels Vs. Joanns

I got an order yesterday to make two flower girl baskets and 1 ring bearer pillow, so, today off to the craft store i went! I went to Michaels to get the baskets because they are bigger into the floral kind of thing and they had no small baskets to accomadate a flower girl. I was surprised. I was also working on a moss ring bearer pillow (see earlier post) and I purchased some Preserved Sheet Moss for $5.99.

Okay here's where I get to the point: I went to Joann's and not only did they have the perfect size basket but it was only $ gets better...they were having a sale so it was an additional 50% off! I got both baskets for my order for only $3.00! Can you believe it! ( F.Y.I. the real cost in these things is the fabric)..As far as the Preserved Sheet Moss, Joanns had the exact same thing for $3.99. That's $2.00 cheaper than Michaels at regular prices.

What's the moral of this story? Joann's has a wider selection and MUCH better prices.


Welcome to my blog! This will be dedicated to all things wedding and unique.

Last nights creation was a preserved moss covered ring bearer pillow!
This is a take on the standard ring bearer pillow. It's created using floral foam and preserved sheet moss. It looks easier to make than it actually is. I struggled with my first one but each one after was a breeze.
They can be purchased on annnnd they're BOGO Half Off!