Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Inspired by Art

I think the most creative ideas an artist has is by accident or consequence! While surfing the web recently I can across an article on peacock's. About that same time I was discussing pillow options with a bride for her upcoming wedding. You see, she was looking for something very unique and, ofcourse, in her wedding colors.

Back to the article on peacocks. It was talking about how peacock themed items were the up and coming HOT wedding trend. After going back and forth with Sarah we decided on this hand beaded peacock feathered ring pillow.

It took almost 20 hours to make and is set in Raw Dupioni Silk. The final touch was an eggplant bow offset, with co-ordinating ring tie ribbons. This is not the pillow for the budget bride, but it is the pillow for the dreamer bride.

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