Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lavender and Lilac Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow by RomancingJuliet

Lavender and Lilac Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow by RomancingJuliet: "Creating something new for me is always a suprise. I usually sit at my sewing table with 'ingredients' strewn about and begin. The end result is always something fun and exciting!

This new pillow is 8' x 8' and is made using top quality Lavender Dupioni Silk. It has been layered with imported satin Lilac ribbon with Amethyst ring tie ribbons. The pillow is 'topped' with a lovely little find from the local thrift store. This is a vintage filagree brooch that has been cleaned and attached to complete this pillow.

IT IS DETACHABLE if you'd wish to use it as a gift to a mother of the bride/groom! Or, simply keep it for yourself as a reminder of this wonderful day!"

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