Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael's Vs. Joann's

Michaels Vs. Joanns

I got an order yesterday to make two flower girl baskets and 1 ring bearer pillow, so, today off to the craft store i went! I went to Michaels to get the baskets because they are bigger into the floral kind of thing and they had no small baskets to accomadate a flower girl. I was surprised. I was also working on a moss ring bearer pillow (see earlier post) and I purchased some Preserved Sheet Moss for $5.99.

Okay here's where I get to the point: I went to Joann's and not only did they have the perfect size basket but it was only $ gets better...they were having a sale so it was an additional 50% off! I got both baskets for my order for only $3.00! Can you believe it! ( F.Y.I. the real cost in these things is the fabric)..As far as the Preserved Sheet Moss, Joanns had the exact same thing for $3.99. That's $2.00 cheaper than Michaels at regular prices.

What's the moral of this story? Joann's has a wider selection and MUCH better prices.

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